The ultimate source for your free Christmas letter from Santa Claus

Children's Sample Letters to Santa Claus

Welcome - writing a letter to Santa but don't know what to write?

Here's some sample letters that you can copy and paste to create your own:-

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Susan.  I am six years old and I go to Great Oaks School.  There are four people in my family, my sister Kathy, my mom, my dad and me.

My best friend is Cecilia.  My favourite sport is running.

My teacher is Miss Scott and she is really nice.  I am very excited about Christmas.

I would like to ask you some questions.  How many elves do you have to help you?  How many presents do you wrap every year?  Where do you go on your summer holidays?  Is it cold at the North Pole? 

Finally, how is Rudolf, I hope he is happy pulling the sleigh this year.

For Christmas, please can I have a teddy?

I won't forget to leave you some milk and cookies on Christmas Eve.

Your friends,


Of course, you'll have to change this so that it is right for you - not everyone wants a teddy or has Miss Scott as their teacher!

What to Write to Santa

If you're not sure what to write, here's some tips:-

  1. Make sure you put your name and address, so that he can write back and also to make sure that he knows where to deliver the presents !
  2. Ask him how the Christmas preparations are doing and whether Rudolf and the other reindeer are ready for their big trip
  3. Tell him something about someone or something special to you - a friend, pet or toy
  4. Let him know how helpful you are to mummy and daddy - how you help to tidy your room, help in the kitchen or are well behaved at school
  5. Now you can ask him for one special present - and tell him why you want it.  For example, if you want a train set, tell him how much fun you'll have playing with your brother, cousin or neighbour
  6. Don't forget to say thank you and goodbye properly
  7. Put the letter in an envelope and address it to Santa at the North Pole
  8. Pop on a stamp and mail it!

One final tip - you might want to practise writing your letter first so that it doesn't matter if you make mistakes, then get out some nice writing paper and write your proper letter out.

Have fun - happy holidays !


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